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The key advantage of SteriPro is its ease of use. The disinfection cycle is completed in 5 quick steps and requires minimal effort, allowing busy hospital staff to continue their work as usual. That's why 9 out of 10 hospitals buy it after trying it. 

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In the meanwhile, check out how SteriPro works and get ready to upgrade your disinfection capabilities.

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SteriPro Robot: The future of every hospital

Multiresistant infections affect millions of people around the globe every year. They are responsible for thousands of deaths and cost billions of dollars each year. Therefore, combating microbial infections with UV-C disinfection is becoming one of the highest priorities in clinical and public health.

Because SteriPro contributes to a safer environment for patients and staff, we have decided to offer Free Demo Tests. But hurry! Only a limited number of SteriPro devices are available for testing ( applicable also for distributors).

We are very grateful for the opportunity to use the SteriPro device as part of our hospital hygiene at FN TT and to try out a different way of room and air disinfection with the Steripro device.

MUDr. Radovan Škuta
OS and OCS Senior Doctor FN Trnava

Reduce costs and take care of your patients and staff

Hospitals face an enormous challenge in controlling infections. The main focus lately has been on COVID-19, but many other microbes can also lead to potentially life-threatening infections.

With SteriPro you increase the average disinfection efficacy from 50% to over 90%!

Proven & Effective Technology

UV-C technology is proven to be the fastest and most effective method for the destruction of microbes. Testimonials around the globe show that hospitals that introduce contactless UV-C disinfection technology such as our innovation SteriPro are reporting close to 0 infections that can be attributed to transmissions in the workspace.

IoT ready

Every SteriPro device comes with our new IoT online portal SPOT for complete monitoring and reporting of data for every disinfection cycle and your disinfection processes. With our unique support system, you can be confident that you are achieving the best possible results when implementing UV-C disinfection technology.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and try our smart, IoT-based solution, which is unlike anything else on the market, for free!

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